The Fat Jewish Net Worth

The Fat Jewish is worth $2 million. People thought Oprah had it but she didn’t.


There might be more to the story of The Fat Jewish and it is clear that the company has experienced a meteoric rise in a short period of time.

He is the founder of Swish Beverages.

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Early Life

Josh joined the United States Air Force in 2001, and he was the first American to be accepted into the Royal Australian Air Force academy. He has served on five different aircraft, including a fighter plane, two transport planes, and one that was a drone.

He became interested in the news industry while working at an ABC affiliate in his hometown, Utica. In the future, he hoped to make his career as a business journalist. He was also influenced by a childhood mentor who used to send him newspaper clippings from around the world. From there, he was given advice by an editor at the school, who told him that he should focus on his studies and not get distracted.


The group started as a stand-up act. After performing at various venues around the country, Team Facelift started performing stand-up at colleges.

He released the album with Facelift Records and released the single ‘The Fat Jew’. The band made more albums but it never went anywhere and the Fat Jew started to go by the name of ‘The Fat Jew’.

They have also released a series of mixtapes since, including ‘Famous In Japan’ in 2003, ‘Mixtape Vol. 1’ in 2005, ‘Fancy/Sleazy’ in 2007, ‘Passion Cove’ in 2008, and ‘6 Grams’ in 2010.

He’s also been credited as helping to drive over 200 million users to the popular and free service, and is the first to admit that he didn’t think the service would have such a huge impact.

He was an entertainment reporter for E! News where he conducted numerous celebrity interviews. He also hosted the hit web series An Intimate Conversation.

Fat Jew’s current projects include the animated web series based on his life, ‘Story Time with Fat Jew’, and he is set to appear in two upcoming films, ‘The Peach Panther’ and ‘Status Update’.

The fat Jew’s net worth has reached $80 million.

The Fat Jewish lost a fortune after his company went bankrupt and his net worth is $80 million.


A fat Jewish jokester has been entertaining audiences for years with his absurd humor and ability to entertain an audience.

Favorite Quotes From The Fat Jewish 

It’s a quote that I’ve been hearing over and over again, from the film The Social Network, to what I think is a pretty good documentary on the same subject, titled Zeitgeist.

“People say to get good feedback, go big or go home. What does it mean? Like hell yeah we wanna get good feedback, and we’re gonna take a nap.” – The Fat Jewish.

3 Life Lessons From The Fat Jewish 

Don’t get your feelings hurt over negative comments and criticisms. They are not aimed at you, but at their targets.

1. Happiness Comes From Solving Problems

Happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy every day, even though we don’t have the money, or the house, or the child that we want. As we make more and more choices in life, the amount of happiness we have will increase. It’s not enough to just choose happiness; we have to choose it every day.

2. Develop a Growth Mindset

3. Develop Selected Disciplines Into Habits

Disciplines and habits are two important parts of success that we all have to learn and practice in everyday life. We need to work at our disciplines, and work at our habits to form good and efficient habits.


The Fat Jew is an American social media personality and vintner. He is more popularly known by his social media moniker ‘The Fat Jew’. He has become increasingly more popular for his comedy and comedy bits on YouTube.

He got his start in showbiz as a teenager and played small parts in various comedy sketches. After the band was formed, Facelift got a gig playing at a college in Pennsylvania. Shortly after, the band moved back to Brooklyn and signed with the independent label Anticon Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1999.

The fat Jew’s net worth has reached $80 million.

The Fat Jewish lost a fortune after his company went bankrupt and his net worth is $80 million.

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