The 10 Most Expensive Cryptopunk Nfts

The most expensive CPNFT is the [original].

Crypto art has exploded in value. With more and more people buying art and crypto at the same time, art prices are rising as well.

The most interesting part of the event is the fact that Larva Labs had to overcome numerous obstacles before being able to bring their project to fruition.

I was told by the store owners that there are 10,000 crypto punk NFTs (non-fungible tokens) available and every single punks will be sold once, and the rarest one is going to be sold to the highest bidder. I was told that the NFTs are all hand painted by a famous artist.

CryptoPunk is one of the most expensive non-fungible tokens. It was initially sold at a $10,000,000,000 USD pre-sale, with a $20,000,000,000 USD main sale.

The Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs

We update the lists regularly to ensure that you’re getting the most recent and accurate information.

We have a list of the 10 biggest CryptoPunk NFTs on the market right now and we’ve already seen several very expensive items on there. We’re just glad that there are some bargains still out there, but these prices are not something one wants to pay for an item that does not hold any value in real-world terms.

10. CryptoPunk 3831 – $2.08 Million 

CryptoPunk NFTs, are NFT’s that can be destroyed with a single command from the front end.

This punk is selling for $2.08 million, on June 30, 2021, from ENS username taneleertivan.e to an anonymous buyer.

He has only one eye and two arms and two legs and his skin is green. He is most likely a cannibal.

Here are the most common attributes for a vampire that are available now. The vampire hair is probably the most popular of the three and the medical masks are starting to become popular.

The most controversial type of haircut is the one with the ‘Vampire’ haircut.
The vampire’s head is shaved from below, except for a thin line that runs from the ear to the middle of the forehead.
This is done as a sign of their affiliation with the vampire clan.
After shaving, the hairdo is dyed and a blue stripe is added, with the last step being the blood red colour.
To complete the look, the vampire wears a white shirt.

It’s also important to remember that CryptoPunks have a variety of origins, and a lot of them are coming out of a strong political or economic background.

The owner has only spent about 8.1% of the total CryptoPunks tokens (approx. 1.6M Ethereum) on their own projects, which is a great indicator of how the CryptoPunks tokens are mostly used to gain more value for the tokens.

9. CryptoPunk 7252 – $2.53 Million 

The first of two cryptocurrencies to appear on this list sold for just $2.53 million on a single day.

I’m a zombie punk and I have an earring in one ear and a chinstrap in the other.

I saw someone wearing exactly one of these yesterday, and I don’t know why.

When I first saw myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how stupid I looked, I was almost too scared to eat pizza.

CryptoPunks were bought by anonymous investors through a trading platform, and many of the coins were acquired with no money changing hands.

The latest CryptoPunk is the model that will be used for testing by the team. It is the first time that a CryptoPunk is used in a real mining operation.

CryptoPunk 7252 will be desirable at a later point in time, because it was purchased at a price that is still low.

8. CryptoPunk 8888 – $2.87 Million

Next in the collection of 10,000 are the 8888 that follow the punk subculture.

This punk has a mask similar to the one worn by another member of this group. The eye mask on this punk looks like a pair of spectacles. Only 147 other members of this group have this same eye mask.

CryptoPunk 8888 has only one sale in its existence. Its previous sale for $2.87 million.

The latest price of this crypto asset is much higher than the $21,974 it was valued at in the last reported price change.

There is so far only one punks in their collection consisting of the famous number “8888”. The user has little activity and is not a prolific member of the group.

CryptoPunk 8888 has a current market price of $518k, which is a very low price for a token that had a price of $25k, and is currently selling at a $0.04 mark-up over the price at which it was first exchanged.

7. CryptoPunk 2140 – $3.76 Million

The crypto community has been very enthusiastic about this auction, with many investors and traders in the crypto community being thrilled with the potential to have an impact on the future of the auction and the crypto market with the purchase of this rare cryptocurrency.

This user purchased 1.18 million ETH (about $1.18M USD) for 0.004 ETH (less than a penny), at a time when the exchange price was almost zero.

Crypto Punk 2140 is a one of only 24 ape punks, making it a rare item within the collection.

It has just two accessories, a feature shared with 3560 other punks: the knit cap and small sunglasses.

There are 805 CryptoPunks with the same caps, while there are 758 CryptoPunks sharing the same shades.

The current owner of the collection is Gary Veefriends who purchased them on 3 January 2014 with a total price of $4.2 million (or 110K Ethereum).

6. CryptoPunk 2338 – $4.37 Million

CryptoPunk 2238 is a zombie that is included in this set of CryptoNFTs, which feature a mix of Cryptokitties and zombies.

With just a single attribute, CryptoPunk 2388 has a thin mohawk on his head, and he is also one of the 441 punks in the collection.

CryptoPunk 2388 was sold for $4.37 million on August 6th, 2021, having previously been sold for just $458 in November of 2017, and had previously been sold for just $29.76 in January of 2015.

The current owner of this ENS has no real information available about them and has bought $4.8 million worth of NFTs in order to get his name on the NFT list.

The previous owner is selling CryptoPunk – which is currently worth more than $3.7 million – for as little as $3.7 million.

5. CryptoPunk 7252 – $5.33 Million

Cryptopunks are a new way to use blockchain technology to make digital assets, like CryptoPunks, tradable.


This is an accepted answer.


This answer is in addition to the accepted answer and was requested by the OP.

The crypto-zombie punk with a chin strap and earring doubled in value in less than a month, and it is expected to rise significantly in value in the future.

CryptoPunk 7252 has shown an exponential growth in its value, increasing more than 700% since October 2018. It has been a leader in the market, with its value increasing by more than 700% in one year.

This auction has been very successful, it has been funded and it has almost pulled in over £100 million.

However, the demand for CryptoPunk 7252 is expected to increase over a longer time period, due to its scarcity and unique features.

4. CryptoPunk 5217 – $5.59 Million

This CryptoPunk has the highest market capitalization of any cryptocurrency in our database.

The cryptocurrency that recently made headlines is valued at $5.59 million.
The cryptocurrency has two major selling factors.

This punk wears a wool cap; an attribute featured on 842 other CryptoPunks and a gold chain, which only 676 other Punks wear.

CryptoPunk sold 5217 to account 2222 on July 30th, 2021 and was immediately transferred to another anonymous account.

CryptoPunk is ranked 34th in the category of NFTs with an overall rarity score of 929.26.

Larva Labs is currently the top bidder for the second block of the CryptoPunk, which will be auctioned on June 23.

It’s only 0.10 ethers, which in fiat currency is about $410.

3. CryptoPunk 7804 – $7.56 Million

The sale of 7804 was remarkable, with the price of crypto set at $7.56 million. The previous record for a crypto asset was the record of $2.7 million set for Unikitty.

the art auction was the first cryptocurrency auction and saw the sale of a piece of art that was signed by Vincent Van Gogh.

It’s unique to the collection and one of nine CryptoPunks in the collection. The rare item comes with three new, unique attributes that can be displayed on your avatar. These attributes are: +1 to +3 and are based on which class your character is and which item you have equipped for the character. The more you use the items, the better your attributes get. They’ll also affect your skill point boosts and increase the value of the rare item as well.

The eyes on the CryptoPunks have the same shape as the eyes on the other types of CryptoPunks.
Its ears are also similar to the CryptoPunks.

The Cryptokitties logo looks like a bit of a rip off of the design from CryptoPunk 7804.

The NFTs of this type are usually generated in an ICO, where they are used to raise funds for the creation of an art project from scratch. The most popular ones on the market today are the ones for the CryptoKitties project.

The analogy, as I said earlier, is with the crypto NFTs because they are both non-fungible and cryptographically secure.

I decided to buy it [Protocol] to help us develop, with our developers, a decentralized network and products which could be offered to customers. I wanted to create a network with a good user experience for people to use.

“The reason why we’re going to get that CryptoPunk is because everyone wants CryptoPunks. And because everyone wants CryptoPunks, we’re the ones that are going to get the best CryptoPunks.

With CryptoPunk 7804 not being listed for sale at the moment and it’s high bid currently sitting at $87.64 million, it’s all to be seen just how high this NFT will climb or fall within the near future.

2. CryptoPunk 3100 – $7.67 Million

The cost of this item is the highest out of all the items from Larva Labs.
It’s also super minimalistic.

It has an ability related to the attribute, and it always has an eye-patch, even when not wearing sunglasses, as its headband is always obscured.

CryptoPunk 3100 was sold for $7.67 million in March 2021. It had previously been sold for $2,127 in July 2017.

The crypto community is divided between the belief that people can easily distinguish between unique items, and those that believe that they are an over-exaggeration of something that are more similar to a stock.

I wish they would take their money and find me some other coins to invest. I don’t need it. I’ve got a house and a big retirement fund.

Around December, there were several big crypto collectibles auctions, and a high-water mark for the market was achieved when one of the most well-known CryptoPunks sold at auction for $16.9 million.

There is only one cryptoasset from Larva Labs that is currently on the market, the cryptoasset known as CryptoPunk 3100, and such an asset would only be able to fetch a price similar to other Larva Labs assets.

1. CryptoPunk 7523 – $11.75 Million

The most expensive Crypto Punk NFT sold to date is Crypto Punk No 587, which sold for $0.2 million at CryptoBots.

Unexpectedly, this Cryptopunk is another super rare set of alien punks with three attributes (a trait shared by 4501 punks).

The group of punks gathered for the rally is one of the most diverse in the US. They come from various backgrounds and interests, and they are all united around the idea of supporting the cause of ending the war.

CryptoPunk 7523’s last attribute is gold, and it was shared with 2459 other punks in the collection.

The cryptocurrency was bought by an anonymous bidder at the end of October, and it is expected to reach a peak value of $100 million.

The involvement of Sotheby’s auction house for the sale of a digital token was characterized as another blockchain first. The sale consolidated the respectability of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens as a legitimate medium.

The original description for this is a little bit misleading, but for this build, the description is not needed, as it is clear that this is the face of a punk wearing a mask.

It was purchased by Israeli entrepreneur Shalom Meckenzie, who is also the owner of DraftKings, a popular online sports betting company.

According to Forbes magazine, Mackenzie has a net worth of $1.6 billion, although it isn’t known what other non-fungible tokens (NFTs) he owns in his NFT collection.


CryptoPunk NFTs could one day be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, if the current prices of the CryptoPunk NFTs continue to grow.

The rumor was quickly debunked and in a statement to the public, the community learned that the transaction was just a test-drive and that no funds were actually paid.

Although this sale did not go through, these non-fungible tokens could be set to skyrocket in the future.

New platforms like Decentraland (which allow users to build virtual worlds where 3D representations of land and buildings can be created, and then bought and sold), and OpenSea (where users can trade in Ethereum NFTs) will bring about a new wave of high-profile players trying to find the best ways of selling their assets.

CryptoPunks are non-fungible tokens because each one is unique and has a unique history. This is the biggest differentiator, but also the biggest problem.

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