Stephon Gilmore Net Worth

Stephon Gilmore makes a living playing football.


Gilmore is a great cornerback and his play will be the difference in the Patriots being successful.

Gilmore was a third-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills. He finished the season with 65 tackles, two interceptions, four forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

Stephon Gilmore’s net worth is approximately $30 million.

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Early Life 

His father played for the University of South Carolina and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves.

Gilmore was the son of parents Steven Gilmore and Linda Gilmore, who are married.

He was a solid recruit, earning a three-star rating from and a two-star rating from He played a bit of cornerback at South Carolina, but his play was erratic, and he transferred to Notre Dame after his freshman year.


The Bills hired Chan Gailey as their head coach after a successful stint with the team from 1996-2002.

Butler and Brown were never able
to find any rapport, and the relationship soured
in late August during a game between the
Patriots and the New York Jets. Butler called
Brown a “disrespectful, selfish, unprofessional
player” and that Brown had shown “poor leadership
to our team, on and off the field.” Brown
has since been suspended for four games.

In the 2017 NFL draft, Gilmore was the Patriots’ first-round draft pick at the No. 22 spot. Gilmore and the Patriots reached a five-year deal worth $65 million, including $31 million guaranteed.

Gilmore returned to the lineup week 12 after missing four games due to a broken thumb. Against the Miami Dolphins, Gilmore recorded three combined tackles and broke up a pass attempt. He earned an overall grade of 82.6 from Pro Football Focus in Week 12.

Gilmore is one of the top-five paid cornerback in the NFL, as of the current year.

Since July of 2019, Stephon Gilmore’s net worth is $30 million.


Stephon Gilmore had a lot of highlight plays in his career. However, this one is a little more special.

Favorite Quotes from Stephon Gilmore 

The Jets knew they were playing a team that was going to throw the ball and the Jets have pretty much never been great in this aspect of the game. They struggled to stop the pass when the Jets were struggling to run the ball.

“This is a lot of fun. I’m enjoying the moment. … I love playing against the best. I don’t think there’s anything better than going up against the best.”

He also praised Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.

3 Amazing Lessons Stephon Gilmore 

In order for you to achieve success it is important that you start with the end in mind. That is to say, if you are going to be a successful basketball player, you need to know exactly what you are after. Gilmore knew exactly what he was after, and he was determined to succeed. He was determined to go to the major leagues, and the fact that he did, is proof of that.

1. Dream 

Success is not hard to work for, but working to be successful is difficult. You need to know your mind and be aware of your thoughts.

2. Hustle 

Without hustle, skills will only last so long.

3. Hard Work 

Your word is your bond, so be true to it!


 Gilmore is young and should be able to make the big jump in time. That being said, his performance this year will be huge in determining his status.

Gilmore is one of the top-five paid cornerback in the NFL, as of the current year.

Since July of 2019, Stephon Gilmore’s net worth is $30 million.

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