Kd Lang Net Worth

The actress’ net worth is $3 million dollars.


She is a Canadian singer from Langton, Alberta.

Lang has worked with such musicians as Tony Bennett, Elton John, and Jane Siberry. She has also donated her time and efforts to charities and non-profit organizations including Save The Children and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Lang has been nominated for and has won many music awards for her many years of musical achievements.

She made $2 million in 2018. She could make a whole lot more in the future.

This is the top-earning artist on RIAA’s list of the Top 100 Artists by Earnings.

Early Life 

Lang, a former CBC employee, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

After graduating from high school, Lang attended the University of British Columbia and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and graduated in 1994. In 1996, Lang obtained a PhD from the University of British Columbia and her thesis was entitled “In Vitro Translation Regulation of the Hepatitis C Virus Core Protein”. That same year, she joined the faculty of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of British Columbia.

After attending Red Deer College, she moved to Edmonton, where she became interested in the life and music of Patsy Cline. In 1982 she moved to Edmonton to pursue a career as a professional singer.


In 1985, Lang signed a record deal with Warner Music, and her third album, ‘Lament’ came out. The album won Lang a Gold record. In 1988, Lang played alongside the Police at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

In 1989, she made a guest appearance on ‘Sons of the Desert’ which featured Dwight Yoakam, Billy Gibbons, and Vince Gill performing songs live. She was also featured on the soundtrack for the movie ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys’.

Cher dropped her first album ‘Blond Ambition’ in 1997 and that was based on smoking themes. Her second album ‘Believe’ was in 1999 and was based on her love life. She appeared on an episode of Sex and the City in 2000.

In 2004, she was cast as Mary Todd Lincoln in the Broadway show ‘Mary’s Boys’. Her next album ‘A Million Miles From Nowhere’ took place around this time.

 The ‘Home on the RangeÂ’ movie which involved her singing ‘Little Patch of Heaven’.

In 2013, Lang sang a duet ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ with Steve Tyrell for ‘The Boy Scouts Christmas’. The song was also featured in the movie ‘Home on the Range’.

She made $2 million in 2018. She could make a whole lot more in the future.

This is the top-earning artist on RIAA’s list of the Top 100 Artists by Earnings.

How Does KD Lang Spend Her Money? 

KD Lang’s Charity Work 

KD Lang has helped a lot of charities such as Exploring the Arts, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, and Voices against violence.


She was nominated for best original song and best original score for ‘Up’, Best Original Screenplay for ‘In the Bedroom’, along with Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Fighter’, Best Actress for ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘Lars and the Real Girl’, Best Director and Best Screenplay for ’21 Grams’, and Best Song for ‘Iris’.

Favorite Quotes from KD Lang 

As a songwriter, I’m attached to my songs and I want to understand them and create more depth.
When I cover a song, the lyrics become another language for me to learn.

In 2012, she started taking piano lessons and soon after that, wrote her first original song. I got to check out that song which I loved. It’s titled “Little One” and it’s amazing. You can listen to it here.

We can all agree that K. D. Lang knows her voice, and I think that her ability to go from singing “The Blue Danube” to singing “I Have Always Loved You” is a testament to that. She is a very talented singer, and her voice has been the foundation of this show, and of her music for over twenty years now.

3 Amazing Lessons from KD Lang 

Net worth is the total value of your assets and not your income. The net worth is your assets less the liabilities.

1. Just Go 

Yes, they might be too complicated. Sometimes you can understand it better by looking at something else. Maybe you can understand it by looking at the other one. You know, sometimes you can see things you were never able to see.

2. Facts 

It’s not something that you can just learn, you have to grow up with that knowledge.

3. Heartache 

When it comes to song-making, it is always very fertile ground for your heart.


I think her best works are: “Waiting for the day”, “The longest time”, “The way you do”, and “Not willing to say goodbye.

She is an International Women’s Day honoree 2018, for the work she has done. She was nominated for the International award due to her work with LGBT Rights. She has dedicated her life to help and inspire people through her life’s work.

-This is a paraphrase of an interview with Katherine Lang, an American singer and songwriter, originally conducted by Rolling Stone magazine. During the interview, Lang was asked about her wealth.

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