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John Madden is a US Football coach. He is one of the best coaches in college football and he has been for years. John has been involved in the sport since the 70s and he is one of the better coaches in the game. He made a few million dollars by being a coach. He’s worth around $15 million.


Madden has said that he has never owned any property; but has been known to own a horse and dog.

John Madden is a former American football coach, who was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders [in the late 1970s and 1980s] and is regarded as one of the best coaches in NFL history.

In his later years as an analyst, Madden was known for his colorful language and his ability to throw out curse words, although he also was renowned for the accuracy of his predictions.

Early Life

John Earl Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota, on the 10th of April, 1936. He is the son of Earl Russell Madden and Mary Margaret.

Madden’s father was an auto mechanic and the family moved from Kansas City, Missouri, to Daly City, California, when John was young.


After getting hurt in the first game of his rookie year with the Eagles he decided to teach himself about the game of football. He got his bachelor’s degree in Education and his love for football meshed up even more with teaching.

Don Coryell was an influence because he was a football coach that led to Madden being able to play under him for two years and coach under him for two years.

in 1976, the Raiders swept through the regular season with a 13-1 record, and narrowly missed out on a spot in the Super Bowl when they faced the New England Patriots, who beat them in New England.

Week 3: Minnesota Vikings (in Oakland)
This is the first Monday Night Football game played in Oakland. Previously, there were two MNF games played in the Coliseum, one in 1973 when the Raiders played the Houston Oilers and one in 1974 when the Raiders played the Los Angeles Rams.

After the season, Madden quit the NFL and the Raiders for the first time in their history. The Raiders would make the playoffs in only one of the next six seasons, and would not see another playoff series until 1994. The Raiders ended the decade with a 4-12 record.

After coaching in the National Football League, Madden has coached in the Canadian Football League, and the Arena Football League. He also coached college football including an Ivy League and NCAA Division III team.

Madden is widely regarded by NFL fans and knowledgeable NFL observers to be the greatest coach of all time, due to his accomplishments in Super Bowls XVIII, IX, and XVIII, as well as his achievements during the 1970s, when the NFL was still relatively new. He has been at the center of controversy during his career. He will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio in August of 2019.

Although he has retired from broadcasting football, John Madden’s net worth is higher than what you would think.

John Madden has accumulated a net worth of $200 Million.


John Madden will always be remembered for the way he was able to work on the sidelines during the NFL playoffs, especially Super Bowl XXXVII between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots.

Favorite Quotes from John Madden 

If football is to survive there are two choices: Sunday night and Thursday night both play four games. If it is played on Sunday night then the teams play the first two games at home on Sunday and the final two games on Thursday in the stadiums. The advantage would be that it would not interfere with the normal Sunday and Monday off-week. The disadvantage would be that you play four games in six days.

3 Lessons from John Madden About Wisdom 

Wisdom is a choice. A choice by which we can learn about relationships.

1. Game Plan

If you have a purpose and know what you want to do, you can get there. It doesn’t matter what the path is.

They are a bit like Google Maps– they have to adjust what they are presenting to you based on the data you give them and your location. I think that will be the case as we work with the various companies to get them to work together.

2. Experience Count

Going to school at a major university provided the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn from other disciplines, resulting in a very diverse skill set.

Like many students before me, I learned a valuable lesson about discipline. I learned at Yale, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, that a lack of attention to detail could be fatal. I learned that it was important to spend time planning, preparing, and organizing because that time would make the next ten things go easier.

3. Decisiveness

Sometimes, we believe we have to have the right answer: no exceptions.

I don’t know how this works exactly, but I’ve noticed some people tend to use this with the sentence “This is the right thing to do.”
I would have a hard time using it with the sentence “No exceptions”, but maybe it works sometimes.

I never believe that any situation can only be fixed with the immediate response. I don’t believe that we are so limited in our thinking and so limited in our actions. I believe we can always do better than what we are doing at any given point in time.


John Madden has got an extremely good reputation among football players. He has coached a record number of games which made him one of the most successful football coaches.

Although he has retired from broadcasting football, John Madden’s net worth is higher than what you would think.

John Madden has accumulated a net worth of $200 Million.

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