Eric Bledsoe Net Worth

Eric Bledsoe has an estimated net worth of $80 million.


E. Bledsoe is a American professional basketball player who has played for a number of teams.

He plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. He was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the 18th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft and subsequently traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.
He played collegiately at the University of Kentucky.
He also played for the Los Angeles Clippers.
He also played for the Phoenix Suns.

According to Business Insider, Eric Bledsoe has a net worth of approximately $14 million.

Early Life

Bledsoe was born on the 9th of December, 1989, in Alabama. Now you have the ability to see what it really means.

The son of Eric Bledsoe and Maureen Reddick who was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

He played at Kentucky playing mostly off the bench, and averaged a team-leading 11.3 points a game, while shooting 41% from behind the arc and 59% from the field. He helped the Wildcats to a 35-3 record and a trip to the Elite Eight.


Bledsoe was subsequently selected with the 18th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder but was later traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2010. Bledsoe was traded to the Houston Rockets in 2013.

Although his first season with the Mavericks was rough, it was a good experience for him because he was able to learn from the players, coaches and organization. He learned how to play team basketball, something that he would be able to use over the course of his career with the team.

He signed a deal with the Phoenix Suns and was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Caron Butler on 10 July 2013. He missed the first ten games of the season because of a strained right hamstring.

After a slow start, Bledsoe had a monster game by scoring a career high 16 points as well as collecting 11 rebounds and 7 assists to lead the Phoenix Suns to a blowout 117-90 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

On 7 November 2017, he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Greg Monroe and a protected first-round draft pick.

A few weeks ago, Bledsoe’s net worth was estimated to be around $14 Million.
Eric Bledsoe’s Net Worth is $14 Million.

How Does Eric Bledsoe Spend His Money? 

Bledsoe was spending money on real estate and he wanted a house in Arizona.

Eric Bledsoe’s Home 

Sometime around mid June 2012, Bledsoe bought a handgun and gave it to his girlfriend and her father, with the intention of using it to shoot himself in the head.


The most underrated athlete in the NBA, Bledsoe is able to play on both sides of the ball.

Favorite Quotes from Eric Bledsoe 

Eri Bledsoe was very outspoken, especially when it came to his personal life. He got into a lot of conflicts inside the team, mainly with his then teammate, James Harden. This lead to Harden getting traded to the Houston Rockets, which in turn lead to Bledsoe going to the L.A. Clippers. Bledsoe eventually became traded to the Dallas Mavericks, where he has spent the last two seasons.

Bledsoe did not want to go in and was not prepared to go in. He said he was “on a short leash” meaning that he needed to improve his game in order to earn playing time. The next day, he was traded to the Clippers. Bledsoe has said that being traded was his worst experience in the league.

Bledsoe is also a father of two young sons, but he’s not as busy with his family as he is with his career. The new point guard of the Clippers had a wonderful childhood and is grateful for what he has. His kids are growing up on the sidelines at a basketball stadium and he and his wife have bought their first home. They are enjoying their life and he wouldn’t want it any different.

Bledsoe played at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. There, the game of basketball is more than just basketball. It is a part of the life of the University. It is a big part of the university and the community. There is not a lot to do at the University of Kentucky except for basketball, but that’s ok.

The fans are always supporting the team. They watch them and get fired up when they are playing well and sad when they are not playing well. The coaching staff is important and all the players on the team come from a great school, such as Kentucky. The players love it there because the campus is beautiful, the coaching staff is great, and the fans are amazing.

3 Life Lessons from Eric Bledsoe 

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1. Dig Deep 

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2. Don’t Be A Prisoner 

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3. Start Where You Are 

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but if you start at the bottom, you can start changing the ending.


A shooting guard is a guard on a basketball team, who guards the opposing team’s best player from the field. The term shooting guard is also used to describe forwards in basketball games. The “shooting guard” may be called the point guard, but the point guard may also be described as a shooting guard.

Bledsoe was a great pick for the Celtics because they were looking for a point guard who could handle the ball and make passes to the open man. They wanted a point guard who could make the Celtics younger players better. They didn’t think Bledsoe was a one-dimensional player who could only knock down the three.

As of August 20, 2020, Bledsoe’s net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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