Deborah Meaden Net Worth

Deborah Meaden (Debbie) has an estimated net worth of $80 million.


Meadeen is probably one of the richest women in the world thanks to her many successful business ventures.

Meaden started her career as a teacher at the independent girls’ boarding school Bedales in Hampshire, before running her family’s holiday business called Lovell Holidays, which eventually grew to the point that it was acquired by the Whitbread group.

Early Life

Deborah was raised in a secular household and the family attended church only for Easter. She was brought up as a typical rebellious child, and in her childhood she was known for her rebellious nature. When the family went to church on Easter they were asked to stand out in the yard and play a game with each other.

Meaden went to the Godolphin School of Salisbury School in Salisbury, for about the first year of education. She transferred to St. Anne’s College for girls in Trowbridge.


While in her teens, Meaden was a fashion model, and worked through college as a sales-room model in a fashion house.

In the late 1970s, Meaden started several successful businesses such as a small cafe in East London, a fashion brand, a gift shop, an entertainment complex and a restaurant. She sold her business to a large franchise group.

When the Meadens opened the new Holiday Park in Exeter, Devon they hired a coach to go to the opening. They were welcomed by local press and community leaders.

In order to continue operating, the company made a series of cost cuts, which included, among others, reducing the workforce from approximately 1,350 to around 1,000, with the closure of its factory in Wellington in 2014.

The same year, Meaden was criticized for “serious defects in planning permissions and planning applications” in a dispute over the granting of village green status to a field on which Mudstone LLP, a firm in which she is a partner, wished to build 48 homes.

Deborah Meaden has an estimated net worth of $60 million as of July 2022.

She was born in London, England on May 21, 1944. She married into the wealth with her second husband.


The actress and her husband have been married for years.

Favorite Quotes from Deborah Meaden 

“We film Dragon’s Den for 20 days of the year up in Manchester. Those are 12 hour days, arriving at the studio early enough for hair and make-up so we are on set by 10 am.

“I generally wake up at 6.30, so I get up to spend 30 minutes with my family, then go and make myself a big breakfast, toast, cereal, full English, whatever. I have a very quick shower. I try to get all my washing done. So then you’re into your office, then there’s a break for lunch at 12.30.

Deborah Meaden is a good friend, just a great person overall. She is the kind of person who inspires confidence in others. She doesn’t have negative energy surrounding her, rather, she just inspires confidence in other people.

3 Success Lessons from Deborah Meaden 

* The importance of networking and making good connections
* Keeping work and home life separate
* Staying focused and being decisive
* Never give up and always strive to improve
* Never put the cart before the horse
* Don’t be afraid to ask for help
* Don’t sweat the small stuff!

1. Preparation is a Stepping Stone to Success

Even if you get a lot of things ready, if you are totally unprepared, then you can still face serious issues.

2. You Are Constantly Creating Your Own Reality

Our thoughts, feelings, and imagination make reality. They’re all one in the same, you are what you think, feel, and imagine. If you are not happy, you attract unhappiness. If you are miserable, you attract misery. You are the sum of your past thoughts, emotions, and imagination.

3. You Are in Control of Your Own Heaven or Hell

You are the master of your own destiny, and the path and choices you make in life will have a lasting effect on your health and wellbeing.


Deborah Meaden is an activist for all the causes she supports, the same way she will bring passion and conviction to a conversation.

Meaden is known for her appearances on the BBC’s Dragons den; she entered the show at age fifteen, and is notable for being the first teenager to be selected. Her first business venture was started when she was nineteen, and she has used her wealth to fund the development of several projects.

Deborah Meaden has an estimated net worth of $60 million as of July 2022.

She was born in London, England on May 21, 1944. She married into the wealth with her second husband.

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