Christy Mack Net Worth

Christy Mack has a net worth of $300,000 and $200,000 in her 401(k) and savings account, respectively.


When she first started her career, she was just an ordinary housewife, who was married to a mechanic and she was living in Georgia.

Christine Mackinday started her career as a model in 2011. It brought her fame in the adult film industry which is followed through her career and she is best known for her work in the porn industry.

She has been in a couple of movies one of which was a music video and the other one had her in a lesbian sex scene with another girl. One year later she began her career as an adult film actress.

Early Life

Christy Mack is an American pornographic actress and model. At the age of 16, she won the Miss Teen USA pageant, and was also an All-American softballer at South Carolina University. As a stripper, she was known as the first dominatrix in the adult entertainment industry.

Mack was a very active social media personality. She had over 40K followers on Twitter. The majority of her posts were pictures of her, along with a link to her personal website. Christy Mack also had over 40,000 followers on Instagram. Mack gained fame through her social media presence.


Mack started working in the adult industry in 2016. Her career took off after she started working with Brazzers and Bang Bros. That same year she was nominated for an AVN Award. In addition, she won the Best New Starlet award during The Nightmoves Awards ceremony.

In her first year, she appeared in her first film with Wicked Pictures. In 2013, Mack appeared in the Dirty Little Sister 3, which was the best selling film for the company.

In 2014 she appeared as the leading actress in the erotic film Erotic Fantasy: Anal Fantasy. Mack was listed in the top 10 of the best actresses in the Netherlands in 2015. It was the second time she received this honour.

Mack stated in 2013 that she planned to quit her career as an adult film actress because she didn’t have enough time for her work. She was also active with her online store where she sold her jewelry.

In 2015, McManus wrote a piece for the ESPN Magazine that showed Mack in an interview during her life in the adult film industry, to include Mack telling her early life growing up in the Southside of Chicago. Near the end of the article Mack confirmed she would be retiring.

The following year, Mack’s former boyfriend and former friend, War Machine, attacked her again. She suffered a broken nose, a broken eye socket, her collar bone was broken, and she fractured her shoulder. War Machine spent a year in jail. After her release, Mack was seen by her doctor who determined that she would never be able to have children.

Christy Mack has accumulated wealth in her personal bank account of approximately $500 thousand dollars.


Her career as one of the world’s top female starlets was cut short when alleged victims of the performer’s alleged exploitation by her former managers and boyfriend revealed that she was forced to strip and perform sex acts for her co-stars, among other degrading sexual acts.

Favorite Quotes from Christy Mack

“I found out that my fake boobs glow in the tanning bed.” So that’s fun, I guess. It’s good that I didn’t find out about that with my boobs.

“I’m set for a hustle, He had to be paid an obscene amount of money, cuz he followed me on twitter for months and stalked me pretty much.” – Christy Mack
She was then assaulted in her hotel room, and while being handcuffed to her bed, was told by the police that her hands were going to be broken.

Christy Mack says that she didn’t have any particular reason for doing BDSM scenes in the past but it’s just something she wants to explore. She even said that she’s had fun with it and not just for the sake of getting film offers. She said that she thinks it’s kind of empowering because she’s been able to explore something that she might not have been open to before, and that she can tell she’s more open and able to enjoy what she does now. When pressed about whether BDSM scenes are degrading or empowering, she responded that they fall in both categories.

Christy Mack said that she tries to fill her mind with God in the morning, so there is no room left for worry thoughts.


Christy Mack has built an amazing net worth throughout her career. She has worked with some of the finest companies and achieved several awards for her performances.

As of July 2022, Christy Mack’s net worth is estimated to be $500K. There are more famous pornstars with a higher net worth. You can check out our article on Johnny Sins net worth.

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