Andre Drummond Net Worth

Drummond has a net worth of $100 million. This is a man who is a huge center for the Detroit Pistons. He is also from Kentucky, so I guess his net worth is around $2,500,000.


Andre Drummond is an American Basketball Player who plays for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons.

Drummond was selected by the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the 2012 NBA draft with the ninth overall pick.
[Both]: He is a small forward.

A three-time All-Star, O.J. Mayo has led the NBA in scoring five times and also been named to the All-NBA Third Team.

Andre Drummond is said to be a very rich athlete. His estimated net worth is at around $40 Million dollars.

Andre Drummond has an estimated net worth of 40 million dollars.

Early Life

Andre Jamal Drummond is a professional basketball player who was drafted in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft.

The Washington State University student attended and graduated from Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Seattle. He went on to attend Capital Preparatory School in Hartford, Connecticut.

During his junior year at Capital Prep, he averaged 20.2 points, 16.6 rebounds, 7.2 blocks and 4.5 steals. During his senior year, he averaged 19.6 points, 16.8 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, and 2.5 steals.


On the 2010 team, he was a part of the starting lineup and averaged a double-double of 18.9 points and 10.1 rebounds.

He was drafted in the 2013 NBA draft, taken 36th overall by the Phoenix Suns. The following year, he was named to NBA’s All-Rookie First Team.

In 2016, the American basketball star, who is known for his big dunking, re-signed a five-year contract with the Detroit Pistons for $130 million. On November 19, 2016, he scored 20 points and 17 rebounds against the Boston Celtics, thereby reaching 4,000 career rebounds.

He was just 23 yrs, 101 days and has become the youngest player to have achieved this feat.

Drummond recorded 24 rebounds, 30 points, six blocks, four steals, and five assists in a 98-95 overtime defeat to the Utah Jazz.

LeBron James has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. With the Lakers he played 21 games and averaged 11.9 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 1.4 assists in 24 minutes per game.

Andre Drummond is said to be a very rich athlete. His estimated net worth is at around $40 Million dollars.

Andre Drummond has an estimated net worth of 40 million dollars.


There were some of the best highlights of Andre Drummond’s career.

Favorite Quotes from Andre Drummond 

“He’s a great guy. He’s someone that I talk to every day of my life. I love him and he loves me. We play basketball together and it’s fun. We both are excited for the season. We’re both going to have fun this year.”

– John Beilein, in conversation with the Detroit News.

3 Life Lessons from Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is one of the most talented, and most successful basketball players of the last few years. You might be wondering: how can I learn to be like him? Well, there are plenty of lessons he can teach us. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the secrets of his success, as well as five ways he can teach you about life.

1. You’re Stronger Than You Think 

My apologies, it is just that my brain has been busy trying to figure out how to keep my thoughts straight lately. The fact is, I am weak.

2. Be You 

You shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Be like the sun and the moon and shine when it’s your time.

3. Show It 

If a person has been doing something for a long time, they can be more stubborn and determined than people who are new to the subject.


Andre Drummond is known as an American basketball player who got to be an NBA All-Star in 2016.

Drummond is not only one of the best rebounders in the nation, but also, the best two-way forward in the nation.

For the first time, the team had a roster without any former NBA players, a group of young NBA prospects.

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