7 Ways To Transform From A Dreamer Into An Achiever

It’s not just that it doesn’t work how you’d like it to, it doesn’t work because it will never actually work the way you want it to.

Having realized it, many people become depressed, lamenting how imperfect this world is, but keep their heads in the clouds.

Their choice is to ignore injustice and stay in the status quo. They find solace in the idea of the world being their oyster. Their character: a coward, and their inevitable fate – self-pity, and no one to share it with.

Another aspect of the character is that the world’s existence depends upon the action of the character.

Achievers: the people who are the most accomplished in their respective field.

We have a problem. We are facing a choice. If we take responsibility for our lives, we will be the creators of our dreams. If we refuse to take responsibility, then our dreams are not our own. Our responsibility will be to become that which we have imagined.

7 Ways to Go From Dreamer to Achiever

These groups work as your support systems. You won’t be totally alone, but they do provide more perspective to what you’re experiencing and how to handle various situations.

1. Make a list of the 10 things you think you need to do before life gets good.

1. Keep Your Eyes Open

To be a successful achiever, it is essential to keep your eyes and mind open to possibilities and challenges. You should be open to making new friends, exploring new destinations, having conversations and learning.

Achievers know their past successes or failures. They use them as a good reason for their present success. They don’t want to get into a situation of having regrets in the future.

The game had a lot of problems, and it failed, so they decided not to keep trying.

2. Make Plans

I believe that we can change our lives when we decide to change the way we think, behave, and feel. I have faith that we all have the power within to make the changes we want in the world. This is why I follow the path of the Buddha and His teachings of Right Livelihood.

Dreamers who eventually become achievers do not leave realizing their dreams to fortune. They can move slowly, but step by step they reach the goal. Achiever is a person who reaches the goal by the means of his talent.

This is a reference to the movie, The Great Escape, where many POWs escape from a German labor camp in a tunnel under the fence and go through the trees.

3. Get Inspired

If your goal was to learn Arabic, it’s a good idea to not fall into a depression. The only thing that we can do to be in a better position is to go ahead and take the steps to reach our goals.

You need to keep your dream alive. Find people or events that inspire you. If you want to achieve a goal, find two or three people in your team that have achieved your goal. If you want to enjoy something, find two or more people who are enjoying it.

If you dream of becoming an artist, go to places where artists meet and communicate together, absorb their positive energy. Tune your heart strings that way, so the outside world receives a clear message.

4. Look for Opportunities

You can find many excuses why you don’t try to make your dreams come true. But the truth is the only one–if you don’t make an effort, you will never succeed.

If you are constantly reading the news and watching TV shows or simply hanging out with friends, you’ll never make it as a successful dancer or to own a farm.

Everyone has some roadblocks in life they’re trying to move on from. But all of them are temporary. Go through them and keep trying. Don’t let routine absorb you.

5. Listen to Yourself

Follow your dreams.

You will meet a lot of people who will tell you ‘you’ll fail’, or that your dreams are stupid. Furthermore, you can find tons of reasons to stop acting alone.

The problem with the two-phase-upgrade is that you have to make the first phase first, and afterwards you have the other phase with the new functionality, but if the first phase is not fully tested or implemented in a stable way, then the second phase will be problematic.

6. Do Not Get Scared

All forms of fear must be acknowledged and understood as a necessary part of life.

This is the only thing you can’t overcome if you are determined to dream.

Everyone who dared to live their dreams and chase after their dreams are scared. With no exceptions. The suspense is scary. But with each step, there’ll be more light and less darkness. The closer you stay with your dreams, the happier you’ll become.

7. Fail

No success is without failures. The road to success is usually winding and is filled with many ups and downs. It is always better to take the road that is slightly longer rather than shorter.

The road to success is often hard and frustrating. But it comes with small, steady gains, a little at a time. And you have to stick with it no matter what. Eventually, you reach a point where you understand that there are no excuses to stop trying. And you realize that most of the way is already done.

It is your last chance to live. Use your time wisely.


Work on your values.
Be willing to put in the extra hours and step outside of your comfort zone.
Take yourself off of the market.
Set realistic goals.
Avoid negative people.
Do things that you enjoy.
Reward yourself when you reach goals.

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