50 Eden Hazard Quotes About Football & Success

In 2016, Chelsea play against Stoke and Stoke don’t give up their defensive midfielder to Eden Hazard.

Eden Hazard plays for ‘Chelsea FC’ and is seen as one of the best Premier League players around today. He was chosen as one of the best players in the world in 2017 and was the 2017-18 FWA Footballer of the Year.

In his early years he was very popular in Nigeria, as he was the best player in football. He is also considered one of the best playmaker in the world.

Eden Hazard the footballer is a world-class player, but he is a hero.

50 Eden Hazard Quotes About Football & Success

His brother, Thorgan, is a right winger, and Hazard has a tendency to drift inside to the central attacking role. So when Thorgan is on the right, Hazard is often on the left.

I would like to work with the best coaches in the world and maybe some of the best players in the world. I want to play with the best players in the world and the best coaches in the world.

The forward will be in a tough position with PSG, even more so than he was at Chelsea. Despite the fact that he won everything at Chelsea, Hazard has been relegated to a bit player in France.

The most watched match of the week is the Derby at the Emirates. Arsenal is one of the two teams that will be fighting to avoid relegation, with a win at home and a draw away to be enough for them. The match has a lot of potential to bring an end to Arsene Wenger’s reign as the manager of the team.

If he knew how to play football before joining Chelsea I don’t think anyone in the world would have predicted that this boy was gonna be the best footballer in the world. He has an incredible quality, he is very quick, he can dribble, he can beat players.

7th of 50 Eden Hazard Quotes 

“Kanté is a good player. It is good for me that he speaks French. We know he’s a fantastic player. He runs a lot and works for the team”.

It is true that many of the greatest players in history have won the Champions League, but that doesn’t mean it is the only reason why they were regarded as such great players. Eden Hazard will go down as a great player regardless of whether he wins the Champions League or not.

 As I said at the start of this article, Eden is a pure playmaker. He’s unselfish, he likes to play with others, and he has the ball constantly on his feet. He loves to run with it, but he’s a lot more than just a dribbler. His passing is absolutely brilliant, and if he has the ball at his feet he has no problem playing the ball as he likes to.

Hazard wants to win every game for Chelsea. It is not only a matter of victory, but also about trophies.

ÂAs the Blues begin to look like the title favourites, our man in Lille feels the need to remind everyone that he can still hit it harder than the rest.

Hazard has been the man Chelsea have been looking for this season, so it was no surprise to see him pick up more cards than any other player. The Belgian international came out to say he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was just playing normally.

There were times when Eden Hazard was worried about playing for Chelsea, but he didn’t feel a bit intimidated when he was a five-year-old in Belgium.

What I love about Eden is that he always comes across as genuine and true with me. Because of that I always feel I can trust his opinion.

If you tell, I would not choose football, I’m sure. I am focused on family and football, but I prefer to keep it private. I am very private, that’s my motto, so I just focus on football.

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I played for Chelsea for three years, and he always wanted to give me a lot of confidence and space to work. So, I was very happy with him since I started playing for the club. He let me play the way I wanted.

In what is probably the clearest indication of his commitment to Belgium, Hazard has refused to comment on the speculation surrounding him and his current club, Chelsea. It isn’t the first time he’s kept the media away, saying in July: “I have nothing to say: it’s Chelsea’s business and I’m a Chelsea player.” Despite being the club’s most expensive summer signing Hazard has refused to publicly air his concerns about his future, leaving the door open for a dramatic turnaround which could see him swap Stamford Bridge for the national team’s red shirt.

Hazard talks about how the players should not be judged on their performances but what they put in during the week, and that they are not professional until they perform at their best.

Eden Hazard talks about all the pressure and responsibility he has as a player and the things he has to focus on.

“We experienced some beautiful things together in 2015”. In other words, he considers that Mourinho was one of the men of his life and the most important thing is to take him back.

Hilarious. Eden Hazard has the same mentality as Barcelona and Madrid when they sign a player. It’s a shame for them.

We’ve had some great times together at Chelsea, but I’m disappointed that my departure from the club meant we couldn’t continue on in the same vein. I will always respect the club and wish them the best in the long term. I have had an amazing opportunity to work with Conte and I can’t thank him enough for that.

This time in February 2012, Hazard said that he was at Chelsea to learn English and that he would not be a star if he were to stay for a long time. In June 2012, Hazard said that he would be able to help Chelsea win Premier League trophies and the UEFA Champions League.

The Belgian has a good relationship with Mourinho and the pair have always been on the same page in the side. The pair of them have been a force to be reckoned with for the past decade but when it comes to goals, it is hard to imagine a season where Hazard doesn’t get on the scoresheet on a regular basis.

We all know what those words would actually mean in the real world, but not everyone would take it any further.

27th of 50 Eden Hazard Quotes 

 We can safely say that Eden Hazard has been improving himself in every aspect of his life, for the last few years. We’ve often seen Eden’s development in terms of his performances for Chelsea and Belgium, but it’s clear that he is now even better than we imagined. We can safely say that even Eden himself can’t understand how he has gone from being the worst left back of all time to now being a world class winger.

The Premier League is more difficult than people say. It’s really difficult to beat the big teams.

When I get the ball out there, I have to be prepared to create an advantage for Manchester United. We have to win the ball as soon as possible.

The Belgian wants to see improvement in his side. There were some positive signs during the 2-1 win over Basel at the weekend and he thinks the increased competition for places will help everyone improve.

As one of the most sought-after young players on the planet right now, Eden Hazard is in the best place of his life. His private life doesn’t seem to be affected in the slightest by his football career. He’s an international, first-choice in the Premier League, first-choice for Belgium, and first-choice for Chelsea – who he joined five years ago for a world-record fee of £32.5million.

Hazard says he has always felt out of his depth in the Champions League. He says he has felt this throughout his career and in his time playing for the national side.

Hazard is a good player. I like to help my teammates. That is how I am. I cannot do anything alone. I want to help my teammates and play my own role. If I have to help the team, then I will, but I will not try to do everything on my own. I love to put my teammates first and try to help them the best I can.

Eden Hazard was ranked as the fifth best player in the world by The Guardian in the 2016/17 ranking update and was named Premier League player of the season. The Belgian was selected for the Ballon D’Or, BBC Sports Personality of the Year and UEFA Champions League Team of the Year. Hazard also won four domestic PFA awards, was named the FWA Footballer of the Year and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) Player of the Year.

If he ever leaves, it would be after winning a title. You need to go out on a high so that people remember you for the right reasons


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 I can’t remember this quote, but that’s what I’ve heard. If you watch the video again, I swear I think he even says that on the first day I interviewed him at Chelsea.

It will be interesting to see how your opinion of me will change after the season.

If you’re going to see Eden Hazard as your hero, then I’m going to see you as a villain.

Eden says he wants to adapt to the defenders he is playing against. He says he learns on the pitch.
Note the use of the word “adapt”. The full meaning of this is: to change something to suit a particular situation.
Hence, in the sentence, “You know if they are more nervous”.
Finally, it is important to note that this sentence from Eden is an answer to a direct question. If you are saying this in response to a question, you need to use a question mark at the end.

If you’re happy, and things are going really well, there is no need to change. You’re just a waste of a good place.

When he plays in a 4-3-3 he’s usually the number 10 but he has been asked to play the number 10 role in a 3-5-2.

He has also been asked to play in the number 10, although he isn’t the creator of the play. Instead, he usually acts as the second striker behind the striker. He is usually in a more central position in the team than the wide players (the wingers) in a 3-4-3.

“I always liked playing for my favorite team, Chelsea. I want to be like Zidane because he was like a role model”.

I don’t think that moving from Lescott to Kompany will make a step backwards. I am sure it will make a big difference for the defense. I will be more secure at the back. The challenge is to win and have the most titles.

The 25 year-old has scored three goals this season, which is a record for Chelsea’s Premier League season. However, the left-footed Belgian’s game is very much based in his movement and it’s just not evident in his first-choice position.

I’ve had more ups, than downs, in my career. All you can do is keep working. You still have to take enjoyment out of what you’re doing, and my smile has always been there, in good moments and bad.

47th of 50 Eden Hazard Quotes 

The Belgian side are known for their ambitious sporting approach and a winning mentality, and their transfer spending is also not their problem – they have good players who can perform all on their own.
Although, if there is anyone in the world I don’t want to play against, it shouldn’t be Luka Modric at the moment.

I’m the one who wins trophies next season, for the next few years. I hope you can win as well. I’ll be there.

Hazard has stated that he doesn’t pay attention to the games after they are over. He is more interested in spending time with his family and friends, and watching TV if his brothers are playing.


To the French Football Association president, Michel Platini, I owe a great deal. My country would not be where it is today without him. To the fans at the stadium, thank you for your support and I hope I will give you many years of enjoyment in the future.

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