12 Billion Dollar Companies That Started In Garages

There was a bit of a debate about whether or not it was a good idea for a founder to have a large salary when they had a startup, and whether or not they were giving up too much.

I like to say that the way that I found my passion was I was trying to make something from nothing and I just didn’t know it was nothing yet.

I think that most of the most successful people have found a way to find success. Whether it’s by starting their own businesses, joining companies that are already successful, or joining startups that are already successful.

12 Billion Dollar Companies Started In Garages

Nowadays, many people have dreams about starting their own businesses or joining a startup. But the truth is, most businesses begin with “little resources and funds”. In fact, if you study the history of entrepreneurship, you will learn that many big companies began as small teams who started with almost nothing.

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1. Microsoft

Bill Gates and co-founder Paul Allen were initially funded by their family, and were working in a garage. The first OS they built was Windows 95, which was released back in 1995. It was the first Windows operating system in the history that could run applications on a PC.

Windows was released in 1990 and was used to create a new style of computer software. It allowed businesses to create and run multiple programs at the same time.

For the past ten years, Microsoft has had some amazing products released. Some of these include the Xbox, Surface, Xbox Live, Office, the Surface Book, and the HoloLens.

2. Dell

The first computer that Michael Dell built was known as the “Pizza Box”. He started selling the computers online and it grew from there. In 2006, Dell bought out the company he founded and became the largest PC manufacturer in the world, with products reaching around the globe.

When I moved to Austin, I wanted to create my own company, because I”ve always wanted to start a company. But, I was told that it was impossible to create a company in Austin, so I had to move to San Francisco to start a company. So, I left Austin and moved to San Francisco.

In order to increase its sales, Dell has decided to open a plant in India where the company is considering employing a lot of the skilled Indian workers as well as the low-paid ones.

3. Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google in 1998, in a garage in California, that used to be a laundry room.

Google’s five months of development was done in six months, and they had a million dollars to their name to invest into the company.

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That’s why I like Google, it’s such a great company to invest in and own.

People like Larry Page and Sergey Brin are considered the richest people in the world, with total net worths of $30 billion.

4. Amazon

The Amazon.com website was originally a simple bookseller, started by Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos purchased his first domain name at the age of 24, Amazon.com, and launched the business while in his home garage in Bellevue, Washington.

He couldn’t really sell his first book. No one could really buy it, but soon after the business started to grow and it has now become the world’s largest online retailer.

It looks like he is moving away from selling books, to selling whatever he wants. In 2018, he became the wealthiest man on the planet, with a total net worth of $135.5 billion dollars.

5. Apple

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs first started designing and building a computer in the garage of Jobs’s parents home. The computer was called the Apple I and it was manufactured in 1976. It was an 8-bit computer with 32K of RAM and ran at 8MHz.

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Steve Jobs is not any longer with us, but his legacy lives on through the success of Apple.

6. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett and Packard founded HP in 1945, which later became one of the world’s largest technology companies.

The owners of the company originally only had $538 to invest, which back then in the 1980’s was worth a lot more than it would be today, and they started off by selling quite a wide variety of products.

Hewlett Packard then started to focus more on the tech market. It was also able to become the success that it is today; one of the largest computer companies in business.

7. Yankee Candles

One day, Michael Kittredge was at home and he found a bag of wax crayons. He melted them and realized that he had created a new process. He went to his room and came back with his first candle and named it after his mother.

Soon enough, neighbors started showing interest in his business, which he was selling at a very low price. He was able to make more than 20 sales and in the beginning he was able to sell them for 100 euros.

Michael started out selling his “candles” in a garage and was soon making a very large fortune, he decided to sell the company in 1999 and made his fortune even larger.

8. Disney

In 1919 Walt Disney founded his first company in his uncle’s garage, the company would eventually become the world’s largest entertainment company.

I was really lucky. I was with the biggest media company in the world where there are no barriers to learning.

9. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a brand of motorbikes that are built and sold only in America. The company was originally started by two men William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1901. The company was founded as the Milwaukee Road H.D. Motor Company and incorporated by E.H. Daniels in 1902 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There are many motorcycles that are owned by many people and they all want their own Harley-Davidson.

10. Maglite

In 1950, Anthony Maglica started his business with $125 dollars in savings. In 1974 it was incorporated as Mag Instrument, where Anthony would deliver the individual components needed for flashlights to the manufacturers.

He didn’t know how to improve upon the existing technology but he did know that if he could create a better system where he could sell much more flashlights, he would be able to make more money than he had been previously.

I started selling flashlights under my brand, MagLite in 1976. Now it’s the main brand dominating the flashlight market.

11. Mattel

Mattel is an American toy company, founded in a garage in 1969 by four engineers who used scrap pieces of picture frames to build a dollhouse.

The dollhouses became very popular, and ended up selling better than their picture frames, so they turned their attention over to the toy industry. Mattel is the highest grossing toy manufacturer in the world.

12. Lotus

One of the world’s most influential drivers, Sir Anthony Colin Chapman is also a legend in the racing world as the founder of the legendary Lotus-Climax team.

Chapman was just 20 years old in his first major job at Lotus and is now known as one of the most important and innovative auto designers of all time.


Here are the 12 billion dollar companies that started in garages,
and it’s just a few of the many, many other examples.

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