What a beginner should know before playing WoW Dragonflight

To come and master an MMO RPG of the World of Warcraft level, players need to go through training that does not end with the mechanics provided by the game. You need to read guides and manuals, access services – otherwise the character will most likely get stuck at level 50.

The complex mechanics of World of Warcraft change directly or indirectly from update to update and just like that, without information from other players, it will be harder to understand. The patch notes themselves simply inform, but do not provide practical knowledge and understanding.

What will help you get comfortable in the world of Azeroth

  • Skycoach
  • Wow Fandom
  • Wowhead


Skycoach should be considered as a unique service that is ready to provide gamers with the services of professional players who can provide training and upgrade services, sell game currency, and help them win the raid.


When you choose your faction and class, you need to get comfortable and properly unlock your potential in the future. WoW, is a fairly balanced project and there are no classes that cannot oppose enemies, there are players who do not know how to play them.

We are solving this issue – you can ask a professional Skycoach player for help.

How the training goes – you will call by voice and the coach will begin to acquaint you with the basic skills of the class, tactics in PVP and PVE and will correct your actions in real time.


All the most interesting things in the update will begin after level 60, when, as part of the story mission, you will have to go to conquer the Dragon Islands. The final level for the Dragonflight update is 70.

The level is needed to move to the new update and access the farm of the most advanced resources and locations in order to keep up with other players.

The fastest ways to get levels are 2.

  • Complete story missions as quickly as possible.
  • Pay for the boosting service from Skycoach.

The second option will be provided by professional players who will gain access to the account, log into it with VPN and start the process, allowing you to track the status of the order on the site. When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification – change your password and go to farm in the new Dragon Islands.

Acquisition of gold

There is nothing more valuable than gold. If you have enough money, you can buy top equipment and pay for most services and interactions between players.

You can purchase gold from professional Skycoach players who spend many hours farming the local WoW currency in large quantities to resell to other players. The mining process does not use third-party programs and process automation, for such actions the administration can seize gold and impose sanctions, and Skycoach does not jeopardize its transactions and services.

WoW Fandom

When you need information on the Internet, you use a wiki. When you need to know important details of the world of Azeroth, you go to Fandom.

This is the site with the largest number of articles on accurate data on items and NPCs, raids and bosses, equipment and weapons, the profession system, factions and much more.

For example, you are going to master the profession of a blacksmith. The new interface will tell you the materials you need, and Fandom will tell you the exact coordinates of the rocks that need to be mined for the sake of ore and constant production.

You can collect special equipment that will speed up the collection process and give you a chance to mine twice the amount of ore and the opportunity to get an additional reward.

To do this, you will need to go to the marketplace and buy the appropriate equipment prescribed for Wow Fandom.

The equipment has a gradation of quality, but for the start you will have enough of the usual one, which is freely transferred between the players and sold on the marketplace.

You can also use rare equipment, but to get it you will have to contact artisans through the new order system, since such items are considered nominal and are fixed on the character who created them, excluding the possibility of selling on the marketplace.

But if you create an order, then the master who creates such equipment for you does not have rights to it and receives only a monetary reward, and you will receive equipment that will be assigned to your hero.


If you have a difficult raid or quest in front of you, you can find a complete guide on Wowhead.

It’s especially helpful to read articles about characters, classes, and raids.

For the character there will be a guide on the correct selection of equipment and weapons, jewelry and potions.

For the class, it will be the mechanics of skills and their correct application to combine strong attacks on the boss and other players in PVP.

For a raid, this will be a detailed description of each stage of farming, from entering the combat zone, to landing the final blow.

Raiding is a mechanic in which the boss has a lot of surprises for your group and you will always have a chance of spontaneous failure. The guide will help you avoid this, because more than 100 players have already completed this raid before you and shared their experience, noting the most difficult and attention-requiring moments.

What will help you without any guides is the understanding that the last 30% of health will be the most difficult for any enemy – bosses will start pouring all the skills in a row, increase their armor or attack, avoid hits and so on.

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