Tips on Maintaining the Windshield and Window of Your Automobile

Owning an automobile has obligations to maintain it in excellent shape. One of those responsibilities is keeping the windows and windshield clean. You might not be aware of the factors, though, that are destroying them. Here are some pointers for cleaning your car’s glass components and avoiding damage to help you with that. Due to irreparable damage, keep in mind that prevention is less expensive than replacements. Read on to know more about the ways that you can do to prevent damage to your car’s window and windshield.

How to Take Care of Your Car’s Windshield and Window

  1. Keep your windows and windshield clean.

It’s crucial to remove any bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, watermarks, or other stains from the glass as a way to maintain your windshield and windows clean as frequently as possible. This will prolong the life of the glass and increase traffic visibility. When cleaning the windshield and windows, be sure to use high-quality glass cleaners that do not include ammonia. When breathed, ammonia may be dangerous for your health in addition to the glass. Additionally, it can remove automobile tint, destroying the glass’s outside look. In the absence of glass cleaners, vinegar, and alcohol work just as well.

2. Parking in a shady spot

Your windows and windshield still have limitations even if they can resist intense sun exposure. Glass may get weakened by sunlight, which can limit its lifespan and cause more damage. For this reason, if at all feasible, park in locations with lots of available shade. This will help prevent the glass from degrading and shield the interior of your car from the sun’s heat.

3. Shut the doors softly.

One of the most typical methods of expressing rage and dissatisfaction is by slamming the vehicle door. Nevertheless, your windshield and windows won’t enjoy this. If the door slams repeatedly over time, the strong vibration might weaken the adhesives holding the glass together. Additionally, if there are unnoticeable minor fractures, the impact from the door being slammed might exacerbate the damage, increasing the expense of restoration.

4. Keep your wiper blades clean.

Maintaining your wiper blades properly is another technique to keep the glass on your windshield as clear as possible. When it’s raining, your car’s wiper blades are in charge of keeping your windshield clear. The wiper blades will not efficiently clean the surface if they are damaged or unclean. Potentially worse, the wiper blades’ metal portion may even come into touch with the glass, which might leave lasting scratch marks. The best course of action is to routinely clean your wiper blades, particularly during the rainy season. To remove the extra filth that has gathered on it, use a wet cloth. Additionally, make sure to change the blades right away if they appear to be cracked or damaged.

5. Maintain your distance

Your windows and windshield might sustain damage in addition to chemical damage when you’re driving. These take the shape of tiny stones or boulders that the car in front has thrown up while moving quickly. To help shield your car from these tiny missiles that can scratch both your paint and your glass, you should maintain a safe distance from the car in front. Nevertheless, maintaining a safe distance can also assist in preventing accidents by giving you more time to stop your car in the event of a collision.


One of your car’s main safety features is its windshield and windows. Like any other maintenance responsibilities that come with having a car, keeping them clean and in working order is crucial for your safety and the safety of everyone else.  If your windshield is damaged, you can look for wholesale car windshields in the market for a cheaper price.

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