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4. Forces Outside of our Control – Paid Published Articles
It should be noted that there are many factors that affect the availability of content on this site. Those include, but are not limited to; hosting server availability and downtime and internet access. Also, some search engines, such as Google, make frequent changes to their algorithms and/or rules that can lead to temporary or even permanent deindexing from their search engine results. Whether considered fair or not, we have no control over decisions they might make based on rules they may have in place at any given time. Articles that we publish as requested by others are not guaranteed to remain indexed. We have traffic coming from multiple sources outside of search engines and we strive to attain and maintain high domain ratings. Therefore, whether indexed by search engines or not, there is value being delivered to those who pay for their articles to be published on this site and no refunds will be issued if your article is deindexed.