How to Protect Yourself While Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle will only be fun and safe if you keep yourself protected every time. You should always wear items like a predator helmet so that you will look great and be shielded from harm. If it is your first time riding a motorcycle, you must keep safety in mind all the time. Here are the ways how to protect yourself while you are riding your motorcycle.  

What are the Ways to Protect Yourself While Riding a Motorcycle

Wear proper equipment

One of the most important things to remember when you are riding your motorcycle is wearing the right protective equipment. If you do not have any idea about what to wear, you can go to your local government driving regulations and ask for the right gear to use when riding a motorcycle.

Basically, you must have a helmet, eye protection, long sleeve jacket with reflective material, pants, sturdy boots, and durable gloves. You still have to consult your local laws and confirm which gear is required by the institution.

You can still be stylish while you wear your equipment. There are several products in the market that allow versatility in design and aesthetics. You can get a predator helmet if you want nice headgear. You can also find different colors and designs for vests, pants, and jackets.

Learn the hand signs

Another way to protect yourself when you are riding a motorcycle is to learn how to use hand signs. Your bike may have tail lights but you still have to make your hand signals when you are doing specific movements with your bicycle.

The hand signs may be simple but they will surely keep you safe during different situations. You may be doing a particular bike move and making the right signal can give ample warning to the drivers behind you. Doing hand signals can also prevent accidents and injuries. You can do a quick search online to know the right-hand signs that you can do on the road.

Understand road regulations

There are a lot of road signs and rules out there so you should keep yourself aware of the many road regulations in your local area. You must understand the different road lines and road signs that you may encounter. Not knowing the meaning of the lines and signs may cause accidents for you and the other drivers near you.

You must realize that colors also matter when it comes to road signs and lines. For road signs, solid white lines mean that you should stay within your lane. Broken white lines mean that you can move from different lanes. Yellow lines mean that the road is two-way traffic. Two solid yellow lines mean no moving from one lane to another. If you see two lines that are both broken and solid, you must not pass the other lane if your vehicle is right next to the solid line.

For road signs, white means regulatory. Yellow signs translate to a warning. Green shows directions or guidance on the road. Orange-colored signs show guidance to work zones.


You can do a lot of things in order to fortify your defenses against other possible harm that may result from riding a motorcycle. The proper safety equipment must be worn every time. You can wear your predator helmet, kneepads, protective vest, and elbow guards so that every part of your body is preserved. It would help if you also observed safety regulations all the time. Most of all, you must keep your mind alert so that you are well aware of what is happening all around you.

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