How to choose a district for real estate purchase in Antalya, Turkey? 

Antalya is a region that provides outstanding housing opportunities for foreigners. Regardless of the aim of the purchase, the choice of property should be careful and responsible. If you have a strong interest in property in Antalya for sale, it is advisable to explore the whole territory. As an investor and future homeowner, you need to know some of the features of each area of the city, so in the future not to make a mistake and make the right choice according to your needs and desires. As you know, the city of Antalya consists of several districts. All of them differ significantly in their architecture and purpose.

When choosing a property in Antalya, you should first of all pay attention to the eastern and western part of the city.


It is a modern district located in a picturesque place with the breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea. Comfortable location and developed infrastructure force buyers to consider the district as a beneficial destination for investments. Besides, the investors are attracted by the following characteristics:

–       well-maintained beach;

–       villas and apartments are located in near proximity to the beach;

–       low-rise and high-rise developments to any taste and money;

–       advanced infrastructure with multiple stores, restaurants, and other entertainment opportunities;

–       offers of developments under construction for future resale.   


The eastern part of Turkey is famous for the Lara district. The essential features of the location are the next:

–       abundance of sandy beaches and recreational opportunities;

–       modern residential complexes;

–       comfortable atmosphere, greenery and cleanliness;

–       high business opportunities;

–       hosts many offices of international corporations;

–       opportunity to invest in commercial real estate.

Central part and the Old City

These are the unique parts of Antalya which host objects of historical value and residential complexes. Here you can see the fortress walls; you can admire the mosque, walk through the narrow cobbled streets, take a boat ride or buy souvenirs. There are always a lot of traders and tourists, but, unfortunately, this beauty lacks peace, quiet and comfort.

The real estate in these districts is in high demand as it gives great opportunities to buy, restore, and resell the antique mansions. Dedicated investors can make really good money on such a type of building as the lovers of antiquities are always interested.


Isiklar is one more representative of central Antalya. However, the real estate here is much cheaper than in Lara and Konyaalti. Such affordable cost is connected with the following factors:

–       it is a small city with noisy atmosphere;

–       the construction in dense;

–       proximity to the sea depends on the place of living;

–       abundance of cars and pedestrians.

However, you should not think that the district is not suitable for living. It is a perfect option for those who are used to staying in central parts of the cities and cannot imagine living on the outskirts. It is a huge business centre with great business and job opportunities. The property here will be of interest to people who live and work permanently in Antalya. The new houses here, of course, are much smaller than in other parts of the city. Therefore if your choice fell on the center – you should carefully check the noise insulation and the state of plumbing.


Kundu is a relatively new resort located 25 kilometers from the center of Antalya. It may be called a certain VIP zone and characterized by the following features:

–       multiple complexes and hotels for seasonal stay;

–       fashionable mini-hotels and rental apartments;

–       abundance of commercial real estate under construction;

–       high liquidity of properties.

The area is suitable for investments in commercial and residential real estate because of the constant flow of rich tourists. The local government aims at creating a specialized gated destination full of luxury and chic. To enter the area will only be possible on presentation of a special guest pass. Due to the promising nature of the area, investing in real estate in Kundu can preserve the liquidity of investments for a long time.

Recommendation on choice

The choice of district for real estate investment is predetermined by the purpose of purchase. If you intend to stay in the purchased apartment or house for a long time or even relocate, it is advisable to look at more calm regions, like Konyaalti and Lara. Intending to make a rental business and get passive income, consider luxury real estate in Kundu.

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