7 Important Roles of Content Marketing in Your Digital Strategy

Marketing has been revolutionized by the internet and the emergence of social media platforms. Content is king nowadays, and we live in an information economy. What does this mean? This means that, to stay relevant, attract traffic, and thrive as a digital business/figure, you need to be producing high-quality content. 

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You’ve just found your next best resource! Now, back to the point. Read our article to understand the full scope of why content marketing is important for your digital strategy. 

It Helps Build Brand Awareness

Businesses that create and publish engaging content that not only informs their audience but has genuine value typically become thought leaders in their respective industries. How could your brand do this?

  • Knowing your target audience and their paint points will help you create content that answers their needs or reaffirms their beliefs. 
  • Content should be produced in a variety of formats, from social media posts to podcasts and videos.

Imagine if your brand doesn’t make content. Content in the modern world is one of the most shared pieces of media on the internet. Algorithms dominate, and the more visibility you want, the more content you’ll need to produce. That’s why content marketing is crucial to be able to do this and serves a valuable role in modern-day marketing. 

It Creates An Impactful Online Presence

Content marketing will increase a business’s online presence, which, in turn, potentially generates traffic, increases exposure, and can attract more customers. Having an impactful online presence not only engages your audience but increases your reach and targets more of your desired demographic. 

Take any of the companies that you follow online. Most of them are posting on different social media platforms, which re-establishes their online presence. Through content marketing, companies create content plans and strategies that get shared on the many platforms they use. 

Just like this “do my college homework help” service, the stronger their online presence, the more impact their impression leaves on their audience. The better their content, the more reliable their online presence becomes. The more reliable they are, the more authority they have in their industry. 

It Engages A Brand’s Audience

We’ve already established that content engages. For example, videos and video shorts are powerful media content that can capture your demographic. If “Person A” is in a community of a brand that sells makeup products, she’s likely interested in videos about makeup and beauty too. 

If Brand A produces relevant content, then Person A engages with its content. She comments on it. She shares the content. What’s more, a brand can successfully plug in advertising in their content, successfully promoting services and offers the person might have missed. Now, you have call-to-action and engaging content at the same time. 

If Person A shares your content, and someone else sees it, they’ll effectively also be seeing your ad. And that’s how the cycle continues.

It Improves Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The influence of good content marketing can be felt on all channels if a business does it right and consistently. Through the production of relevant and quality content, a company can include keywords, phrases, high-quality backlinks, and hyperlinks that can increase its brand’s visibility and rank on search engines. 

The more visibility a brand has on search engines, the more likely people are to click on their links and visit their websites. More traffic leads to more potential customers. More customers lead to more sales and profit. So, now you see all the frontiers that content reaches and influences? 

In this case, content marketing efforts should focus on blog posts, articles, long-form and short-form content, journalism, research pieces, news, etc. 

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It Can Generate Sales & Leads

At the end of the day, all businesses want to make a profit and attract more potential loyal customers. Smart, strategic, and consistent content marketing can generate sales and leads through proper execution. If a company has a good strategy and intriguing content and engages its audience in creative ways, it can count on it to pay them back at one point.

Brands should research and consider all the ways they can engage their audience with their content. Any form of content they create can successfully act as a hidden ad. The less it feels like an ad, the better chances their audience engages with it and that it turns into a sale. 

It Helps Other Digital Marketing Fronts

The proper execution of content marketing can help support other fronts like email marketing and social media. Let’s take Morning Brew as an example. Morning Brew shares news stories from NY to LA. They also produce humorous content on TikTok, posts on Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Duolingo has taken a similar approach, posting funny and over-the-top videos on Tiktok. 

This increases their visibility and reaches different audiences. They are not limiting themselves by only producing content on one platform but are instead juggling all platforms and producing content that’s optimized for that one front/channel. At the end of the day, they gain numbers, and their brand identity and position are established. 

Content marketing through email marketing efforts might not be as effective, but it is still a front that needs to be maintained. Readers and older demographics can appreciate an informative newsletter. 

For example, Medium, the blogging platform, displays its latest and best blog content in its newsletters. While this may not appeal to visual-centric audiences, it will appeal to those who prefer to read.

It Helps Foster Customer Loyalty

By creating engaging content that adds value, brands can satisfy their customers and strengthen their authority and popularity within their community and beyond. Let’s take MrBeast as an example. He’s one of the most subscribed Youtubers, and his content speaks for itself. 

He garners so much attention from his audience the number of Youtube comments he gets for each video can go up to 100,000. That’s more than most non-independent studios that operate through Youtube. What makes him so likable is that his content is high-quality, consistent, unique, and highly entertaining.

Brands must remember that when it comes to content marketing, quality and consistency beats quantity. This is what can make one video go viral overnight. This is how a piece of news spreads like wildfire. It’s not only about making content that creates loyal customers; it’s about creating content that intentionally speaks to them.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve illuminated to you the importance of content marketing and its various influences on your digital strategy. It’s your turn to get creative with your content plan and strategy. Remember, the more you engage your audience and the more your content hits their interest points and pain points, the better it is for your business. Good luck – and remember to do proper research to help fuel your marketing. 

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